M.IT Services has become DELL Partner

In 2010, M.IT became DELL partner in the implementation of enterprise structures. M.IT followed the realization of complex computer room. With the experience and knowledge of Major player on M.IT Services hardware market itself as dealer Hardware, this activity, initially linked to the design needs of its customers, now covering all needs harware and software on the market. The steady growth of needs of our clients led M.IT to tighten strong ties with leading manufacturers HW as HP, DELL, IBM…

Following the needs of our customers, M.IT has signed a framework contract with Grenke Leasing, which allowed us to also provide added value even foroperative rental services. The Rental Operating the ideal solution to solve the problems related to the allocation of office automation products feature high obsolescence.

The operating Hire itself as the ideal solution for those customers who want to – “Pay for Use” – and are not interested in the properties of the IT devices. This solution, in fact, of paying constant fees for the use of selected products for the duration of the contract (variable between 24 and 60 months), returning the asset to the finance company at the end of the contract.

– Fixed costs and certain;
– insurance on the goods in case of theft or loss;
– Maintenance of corporate liquidity;
– Duration of customizable rental (24-60 months);
– off-balance sheet assets;
– Tax benefits (fully deductible fee)

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