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HTTPS e Google
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WHAT IS THE HTTPS? HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is a way to secure your website and protect “the integrity and confidentiality of your users’ data” (Google). As far back as August 2014, Google has announced that the modification of the security certificate of its website on HTTPS / SSL (also known as “HTTP over…

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First international installation for MIT – part 2

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, here we are with some more details about our first international installation at the end of January in the metropolitan area of ​​Jersey City (USA). As a result of the last few years of research and development we have installed our automated Trading solution that implements the latest…

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Prioritized Experience Replay

Research project: Reinforcement Learning Actor-Critic Deep-Q Recurrent Networks for timeseries prediction How to achieve better performance and faster training using Prioritized Experience Replay? From DeepMind original paper: Prioritized Experience Replay Experience replay lets our reinforcement learning agent collect, remember and reuse experiences from the past. These experience transitions were usually uniformly sampled from a replay…

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A CFO ask his CEO: “What could happen if we were to invest in the development of our people and then they would leave us?” The CEO answers: “What could happen if week end don’t invest and these, then, stay with us?” Certifications paths Nature and the world around us show that evolution and growth…

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