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The affirmation of the cloud computing model and the lessons learned in the management of distributed software led to the creation of an architecture style based on microservices, in which the concept of web services, flows and message exchange is not used only in large systems, but it becomes common practice in all types of…

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Reinforcement learning

Our research project in the field of Reinforcement learning: Actor-critic Deep-Q recurrent networks for temporal sequencing Project description: Starting from developing new techniques of time series analysis, through the use of virtual environments for the training of model-free agents, we want to generate an actor/critic agent (Barto et al.1988) that optimizes and surpasses the performances…

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400 likes on Facebook

Today is a special day, the Facebook page of M.IT Services has reached 400 “Likes”; its a simbolic goal but anyway, important for our company. A result that rewards us about the efforts we’ve put in the constantly care information on our world, a goal we thought was unattainable just a year ago but we’ve…

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MIT Services realizes Ochain

MIT Services realizes the E-commerce platform for Ochain, platform developed specifically for the needs of this important customer. Ochain is an Italian company, with operating offices in Milan, specializing in the distribution of Skin care products, cosmetics and pharmaceutical field Luxury. Ochain required the construction of a multipurpose site, that could combine the E-commerce to…

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What is the internet of things? (IoT)

Watches, bracelets, thermostats and many other objects can connect to the network: according to research, nine out of ten people ignore it, even if they own them already. We explain the reasons of a success that you wait. How many of you know the meaning of “Internet of Things” or, in the mother tongue, “Internet…

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