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MAILDOCPRO – Management software for corporate communication

MailDocPRO is to manage the certified e-mail software.
With MailDocPRO you can use multiple inboxes of any operator in a unique environment, and have a instant control of receipts of acceptance and delivery of mail sent, thanks to a simple and intuitive graphical interface.

MailDocPRO is the management communication that allows you to streamline the work companies, financial professionals and intermediaries, ensuring efficiency and Save in terms of Time but above the Money, ensuring high standards of security and privacy.

Save time & money

– using certified mail so easy and secure
&Ndash; managing multiple boxes certified mail in a single environment
&Ndash; through a instant control of receipts of acceptance and delivery of mail sent, through a simple and intuitive graphical
&Ndash; controlling who does what (each user’s profile and every action historicised)
&Ndash; managing traditional mail without leaving your desk (thanks to the Italian Post H2H send by postal mail computer, recommended, telegrams) and the Italian Post Office does everything else.
It’s called COL: Match On Line.

Manage relationships with Inland Revenue

The recent provisions regulations require companies to use the Pec in the dialogue with the authorities.
For this reason it is essential to organize this dialogue in order to meet security standards and privacy.

Thanks to MailDocPRO, in fact, you can Manage:
& Ndash; relations with Inland Revenue as part of Pec channel dedicated to the Large Taxpayers
& Ndash; via PEC with the Financial Police and Judiciary under the new provisions on criminal or civil investigations

Manage relationships with customers, suppliers, employees

Thanks for sending massive MailDocPRO is possible, for example:
&Ndash; send pay slips to all employees
&Ndash; send invoices to all customers
&Ndash; sending account statements to clients
&Ndash; manage the Treasury dialoguing with more bodies at the same time with a simple click.

Also see:

& ndash; c manage ertificati disease
employee INPS & Ndash; management practices as part of the Credit Assignment contract

And if you’re distracted? Service SMS will alert you when you have Pec!
MailDocPRO is also integrated / integrable with all of substitutive storage systems, with all major suppliers of Digital Signatures and with all application solutions. Discuss how MailDocPRO can better support your business and what are the advantages to the individual needs of different subjects and working environments.