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MITBookingRooms – Software for managing meeting rooms, classrooms and offices


What is MITBookingRooms
MITBookingRooms is the web application for the management of meeting , classrooms and offices, destined to all facilities public and private companies, convention centers, hotels. MITBookingRooms allows you to manage on-line the availability of rooms , the organization of meetings and delivery of the key to authorized personnel only.

The basic tools of the application are:

Booking form, simple and intuitive;

– Module for the automated delivery of the key;

Calendar of reservations to check availability of rooms;

– Heading to alert via e-mail users invited to the meeting;

– Configuration module;

– Form for searches for user type, description use room, etc.

MITBookingRooms expected, standard, three hierarchical levels of access to the system, differentiated by Administrator, Operator, User.

The administrator can add, modify, delete:

– Salt, equipment and catering;

– Booking rooms;

– Operators;

– Users;

The operator can enter, edit, remove the salt reservations;
You can view the rooms reservations and be invited to the meeting by e-mail.
MITBookingRooms is a flexible application and allows you to import data from existing electronic files.


– Organize online, quickly and safely, corporate meetings

– Facilitate management of bookings of meeting

– Update independently the number and characteristics of the rooms and related services

– Having a full user directory

– Having the security in the use of salt

Management meeting rooms



After user authentication, it presents the page with the calendar, located on the current date, containing all bookings.
You can vary the display of the calendar by day, by default, a month or week, also from the calendar you can select the period, with a 15 minute interval (set parametrically), to make a reservation.

Room reservations

This function is reached or by selecting a period from the calendar or by selecting “Room Reservation” from the menu bar. The application compares your information making sure that the room is already booked and that the user does not already have an active reservation. Posted reservations, the system sends you a summary mail with the appointment, you can insert directly into the most common email client or calendar applications.

You can also manage the repetitiveness of the reservation on a daily basis, weekly, monthly and yearly.
At the end of the function is presented the page with the list of all entered bookings.
Also you can book the equipment to support its business and the catering service.
In this case, the system forwards an email to the secretariat that will handle the preparation of the hall.
The service may include different products depending on the preferences or needs.

Configuration application

To allow the booking of rooms, we need to define the system configuration data such as:

– Seats

– Buildings

– Sale

– Equipment

– Lock Types
Below are shown the various features for each configuration.

Building Management

Buildings are the salt of the container to which you can attach the cabinets for automated key management (optional feature).
Selecting “Buildings” from the menu bar, you are presented the list of buildings.
For each building are given logistic data and the indication of how many rooms are configured in it.
Pressing the button “New” again to insert page building.
If you installed the optional feature of automated key management, list building, selecting the “Room” button, you switch the page to the association between the room and its “Key.”

Manager Rooms
Selecting “Salt” from the menu bar, you are presented the list of rooms.
Each room, associated with a building, is identified through:

– Name

– Type

– Capacity

– Plan

– Indication no architectural barriers

– Fixed equipment available

For each room you can define any periods of unavailability or a temporary lock unfit for use.
Positioning itself on the affected area and pressing the “unavailability” button is presented a page where you can define the month, day and hour of unavailability end.
Another possible function is the lock of the hall for technical reasons surveyed in “Block Types“.
Pressing the button with the image of the padlock, it is presented to indicate a page where the lockout period, the block type and a concise description of intervention.

The block generates the cancellation of all bookings on the locked room and send an e-mail to all users who have previously made your reservation.

Equipment management
Each room can be equipped with a set of tools and devices. Selecting “equipment manager” from the menu bar, is presented the list of instruments that are manageable in the room booking stage.

An example of available equipment:

– Stationery (pens, pencils, blocks, etc.).

– Internet (cable)

– Internet (wireless)

– Overhead projector

– Chalkboard markers

– Microphone

– Notebook PC

– Slide projector 24×36

– Wireless microphone

– Projection Screen

– Video projector

– Video

– Etc.

Restaurant Management
Selecting “Restaurant Management” from the menu bar, you are presented the list of products that are manageable in the room booking stage.

An example of available products:

– Coffee

– Tea

– Juice

– Soft drinks

– Etc.

Block types Management
By selecting “Block types” from the menu bar, you are presented the list of blocks that are manageable in the room blocking step.

An example of available blocks:

Technical problem

Hydraulic Fault

– Etc.

Touch screen room

It is an optional module, placed outside the halls and integrated with the booking system, which allows you to:

Book a room instantly available starting immediately in the meeting;

Report the start and the end of a meeting, freeing up room for other reservations and maximizing the use of salt;

Extend the period of occupancy of the room in case of extension the meeting, if the room is not already booked.

Figure 1 – Book instantly