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MITBookingSport – Management Software for Online Sports Centers

MITBookingSport is the solution for online bookings and for the management of a sports center:

The spread of the popular web technologies cancels the waiting time, satisfies the user and relieves the operator from the control functions and collection of payments.

User books the tennis courts, he enrolled at the fitness classes, renews membership card, enter tournaments, so simple and addictive . The home automation system automates the structure: the light, the heating and the doors open by themselves.

We understand that many users do not spend hours on the internet and do not trust online payments, which is due to last totem vending machine model, we bring self-service reservation services in playgrounds , allowing payment by cash, credit card and ATM.

MIT is a real sports facility manager not only facilitates the booking of playgrounds (or public rooms) and fitness classes, but helps your staff in all the activities of control of the accesses, deadlines, customer payments…

Users – “Reservations no stress”

Through some simple screens, the user books the playing field (with or without light / heating / shower, with or without opponent) pay the amount due, receives an email or text message as a reminder of booking. Same thing for fitness classes where it is very appreciated overbooking function: the system will alert you if a seat becomes available.

By connecting to the site can control at all times , their virtual bank account, to recharge, renew their membership card and within 24/48 hours to remove the reservation, ask for a refund rain.

While showing the membership application form at the club, MIT allows the reservation even for users who are not necessarily members of the (eg: foreign tourists, non-members, guests).

The manager – “Current Save”

sports facility manager has control of the activity in the course being able to block reservations in certain time slots.

It manages Custom price list (for resource pricing plan, day of week, time), catalogs and contact customers, download the shareholder register.

Through online graphics and exporting Excel data can building precise reports on the use of the structures and user payments.

All accounting transactions are automatically recorded on the journal (debit / credit).

The caretaker – “Schedule”

The guardian of the structure is no longer concerned:
– the weekly board and the shareholders of payments occurs;
– ignition and the headlights off.
MIT worries notify via sms any eventuality and video surveillance of the property.

The resale

Bar manager and authorized retailers book fields on behalf of the players.


MIT enables the reservation of fitness classes (limited places) and gym, through subscriptions and subscriptions to scale (time or number of revenue).

The calendar helps the manager to organize the equipment and notify subscribers (email, SMS) in case of cancellation of lessons.

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