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MITInvoice – Management Software for the acquisition of payable accounts

MITInvoice faces the market inherent in the acquisition of passive billing.
Today the market for the management of accounts payable is complicated, circuitous and potentially inaccurate, with the risk of errors.

Today the realities acquire the invoices received via paper or via email. The work of the administrative offices often become expensive as they are located in manually re-enter all invoices received by hand in their gesionali or within the ERP, resulting cost and time burden over to the risk of typing errors.

Read receipt is often not uniform documentation too (each vendor has its own invoice format) and this implies a burden of expense and higher management. Even the most advanced ralrà that use OCR systems for scanning documents complain of inaccuracies and errors import.

Often the entire billing coming from suppliers is created digitally, but this benefit is lost rimaterializzando the bill on paper or by sending a PDF. In addition to this, the vendor often can not get into the actual knowledge of the invoice receipt and approval.

MITInvoice solves these problems with a solution that guarantees the correctness of the data, a communication to and from the suppliers through PEC which provides the legal field proper handling and minimizes human intervention.