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Software development

Nowadays, many companies decide to invest their money in software designed, engineered and manufactured based on industry standards by other realities.

But more and more often those solutions lead to having to restrict their business or having to change established processes and valid to adapt to the purchased software thus adapting its own peculiarities to a standard software or otherwise come up parallel administrations, manuals and risk of operating errors.

This is where intervenes M.IT that having a heart consulting and process is able to support and analyze all the unique requirements of each customer and succeeds to turn them into applications and tailor made solutions designed especially for each client .

Like a tailored suit, designed and implemented to follow all requirements of his client.

Develop Custom Software not only means translating in computing the expectations and needs of the customer, but to accompany the analysis of its business reality, helping to streamline and improve their business processes, therefore granting the support, advice, support and presence in the company needed.

The experience accumulated over the years has allowed MIT to develop important also integrated solutions with systems such as SAP R3 rather than Sites, and commerce portals providing graphic counseling and studies of usability for products manufactured .