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Presumably checking on the new Masters' Council exhibit before opening, Shifu found that Po had broken in early with Tigress and Mantis. With Tai Lung approaching, he ordered the Five to evacuate the Valley, while he would fight Tai Lung himself. Fue solo un accidente. Williamhodkinson55. 2019 - Explorez le tableau « Kung fu panda » de lulu, auquel 156 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. The simplistic design of Shifu's robe was made to resemble dedication to a simple lifestyle. The remaining members of the Furious Five engage Kai in combat, in which Tigress disarms him by knocking his blades out of his hands, but is thrown back by Crane. Avant réduction : Prix de vente initial 9,99 EUR 5 % de réduction. Shifu tried to stop Tai Lung and defeat him, but at a crucial moment, he hesitated, unwilling to deliver a critical strike against the son he raised and loved. Shifu then learned that the panda had a deep self-loathing, as Po revealed he had taken all the abuse because he considered it better than being himself, and had hoped the master could change him. Shifu saw Po climb up onto a piece of floating timber and face Shen's fleet, seemingly trying to sacrifice himself to save his friends. After Shifu stops Kuo from making a silent getaway (by tossing him into a wall) he congratulates Po on finding inner balance, and informs him of a crisis at Crescent Ridge where the Five needs his assistance. At the beginning of the film, Shifu summoned Po to the Dragon Grotto, where he was seen meditating. [12], Shifu also exhibits sarcasm. Bienvenue ! Shifu challenging Taotie to a match in his past. The next morning, Shifu discovered the panda had raided the barracks' kitchen, eating everything he could find in his distraught state. He's capable of appearing where he's least expected within the blink of an eye. Neuf. Although Tai Lung defeated him a second time during their rematch, Shifu was able to hold him off long enough for Po to arrive and defeat him. Shifu took in Tigress when she was a child, giving her a home at the Jade Palace. However, Po proved to be enthusiastic and determined, even under Shifu's sharp verbal barbs and his own constant bumbling, which only serving to make Shifu become even more spiteful. The next morning, Shifu came back from his vigil under the now barren peach tree, only to discover that Po hadn't left after all and was currently tearing apart the kitchen and eating everything in sight in his agitation — and performing some tricks that should have been beyond the panda's abilities as he tried to reach food that was hidden or out of reach. Neuf. Eventually, he came to enlist the help of the Furious Five in finishing the preparations on time, right up to Shifu's exact specifications. Shifu allowed Po to go with the Furious Five and protect the village. In the credits of the first film, he is seen laughing at the way Tigress was acting, due to seeing that she attempted to try Po's cooking and had a noodle hanging on her lip. Chaque citation, réplique ou dialogue est triée sur le volet. In one episode, he was seen playing with the action figures of his kung fu hero and had also asked Po to teach him how to loosen up in another episode. [12], He was also very objective in terms of obedience to his master, following Oogway's every word closely. Orange-brown robe;black pants(white in "Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness") brown belt (in Kung Fu Panda) Orange-brown robe; green belt and green shawl (in Kung Fu Panda 2 and Kung Fu Panda 3) His training with this loyalty-centering art thus taught Shifu that true balance would be obtained not by letting the world's weight control him, but by becoming weightless and having control of the world. Shifu was teaching Po with a dummy hung from a rope when the panda was knocked down, appearing to be distracted. He was then astonished when he saw that Po was instead using the movements of Oogway's teaching of inner peace to catch Shen's cannon fire and redirect it back towards his fleet. Master Shifu is one of the main supporting characters of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Occupation [12], Shifu irritated by Po's enthusiasm in Kung Fu Panda, He also appears to have a bit of a devious side, and before befriending Po, was shown to have a cruel sense of humor. Affiliation(s) Formalités douanières et suivi international fournis +11,13 EUR (livraison) Dreamworks KUNG FU PANDA … His paws are also a dark brown whereas they tend to be almost black on red pandas. Achat immédiat +4,80 EUR (livraison) Kai KUNG FU PANDA 3. Residence He did this twice in the first film, when he sparred with Po and when he fought Tai Lung. Master, Master Shifu, "Shifu's-An-Idiot"[1], "Fuzzy"[2], "Fufi"[3], "Shy-fu"[4] [14], Shifu informing Po about the Palace's plans for the Winter Feast. Como maestro del Palacio de Jade, las habilidades de Shifu posiblemente rivalizan con las de su propio maestro, Oogway, quien era considerado por muchos el maestro más grande en la historia del kung fu. Master Tigress is one of the main supporting characters of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. 4 . Shifu witnesses Po beat the antelope by balancing on the knives Kuo throws at him. Tai Lung, however, did not hesitate to shatter Shifu's hip. But when Shif… Though she failed in achieving the title, and in defeating Tai Lung, Shifu declared he was proud of all his students, including Tigress, before parting with them on what they thought would be their last meeting. Books And with that, Po left with the Furious Five. It was presumably some time after becoming a master that Shifu had heard the cries of an infant outside the palace gates, where he discovered an abandoned snow leopard cub in swaddling cloth. Shifu is also known for his amazing sense of hearing, possibly due to his large ears. This garment goes over his regular clothing and is kept closed by a golden clasp. Twenty years passed since Tai Lung was put in prison, with the Furious Five gaining great fame across China during that time. It was two days into the panda's "training", and the distraught Shifu desperately meditated for inner peace, but was soon interrupted by Zeng, who had just arrived back from Chorh-Gom Prison with ominous news: Tai Lung had escaped and was coming back, just as Oogway had foreseen. At the start of the short, he dashes with Po to the Gate. Character information Male Kung Fu Panda Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Films Frasi celebri e citazioni dal film Kung Fu Panda di Mark Osborne, John Stevenson con Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane. Series After Po defeated Shen, he congratulated Po on finding inner peace "at such a young age", which he added sourly. His attitude had also changed drastically towards Po—while Po's antics still befuddle and frustrate him, he seems to have faith in the panda and a growing confidence in his abilities after underestimating him so many times. – Maestro Oogway. Série Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution Kung Fu Panda est un film d'animation américain produit par DreamWorks Animation , réalisé par Mark Osborne et John Stevenson , sorti en 2008 . He was halted by Oogway's nerve strike attack, and Shifu was forced to put Tai Lung in prison for the rest of his life. On the day of the tournament when the Dragon Warrior was to be chosen from among the Furious Five in the first movie, Oogway told Shifu that the chosen one would not only bring peace to the Valley, but to Shifu as well. The fight was evenly matched for a long time, until Tai Lung renewed his vicious attacks on the aging master, screaming accusations and taunts before demanding to be told of how proud Shifu was of him. Kung Fu Panda è un film uscito nel 2008, il primo sulle avventure del panda Po. -Maestro Shifu – Ese panda flácido no puede ser la respuesta a nuestro problema. Liste des citations dans le film/série Kung Fu Panda classées par personnage. He is the deuteragonist of Kung Fu Panda, a supporting character of Kung Fu Panda 2, and one of the twotritagonists of Kung Fu Panda 3 (alongside Tigress). Provenance : Italie. But when Po was finally seated with the other kung fu masters at the Jade Palace, he found that he couldn't enjoy the ceremony (as much as he admired the kung fu heroes present) and he explained to them his own traditions of having fun with his family. Master Shifu is one of the 2 deuteragonists of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. But Po didn't leave, and Oogway still didn't change his mind. When he allowed himself to come to that realization after Po had defeated Tai Lung, he was able to "harness the flow of the universe" and achieve inner peace. After sharing the news with his students (Shifu unamused as Po had been mimicking him at the time), Po was alarmed and fled after hearing that he was the only one who could stop Tai Lung. [afficher] Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious FiveKung Fu Panda HolidayKung Fu Panda: Secrets of the MastersKung Fu Panda: Secrets Of The Scroll And after Po defeated Tai Lung, Shifu saw that Oogway's prophecy about him had come true. Jeu Kung Fu Panda . Mira este árbol, Shifu. Suffering a shattered right hip and a broken heart, Shifu bowed to the wishes of Oogway and oversaw the construction of the Chorh-Gom Prison in the frigid outskirts of Mongolia, the sole purpose of the prison to hold one prisoner, Tai Lung, where Tai Lung had spent twenty years of his life in payment for his crimes against the Valley of Peace. Pequeño, rápido y astuto, el maestro Shifu es un guerrero bastante talentoso. Livraison à 0,01€ seulement pour votre première commande expédiée par Amazon. He is the current senior master of the Jade Palace and trainer of many kung fu warriors, including Po (the Dragon Warrior), the Furious Five, and Tai Lung. She is a member of the Furious Five as well as one of Master Shifu's students at the Jade Palace. The seven masters corner the Jombies in Mr Ping's restaurant. As she was departing, Mantis arrived to give Shifu medical attention via acupuncture. But after Tai Lung's betrayal, he became distant, a strict and harsh taskmaster to his students. But before they could claim the sword with the intention of using it for good, Shifu realized its dangerous connection to Xi'an's spirit and faked a trip that made him drop the sword into the volcano, where he hoped it would be lost forever; sadly, the act was perceived as an act of cowardice by his teammates. He also wears black pants (white in the TV series), closed-toed sandals, traditional Shaolin leg wraps around his ankles and lower legs, and a ring-like item that holds together his small goatee. A scene during the end credits showed Tigress at the kitchen table with a noodle dangling from her upper lip, imitating Shifu in the similar way Po had done in the first film, and the red panda was seen to be laughing at the display. Once Po had arrived, Shifu started their lesson off by demonstrating one of Master Oogway's final teachings about Inner Peace. Voiced by He then attempted to hug Shifu, only for him to mysteriously reappear behind him. But their success convinced Lord Shen to ruthlessly fire one of his cannons at the wreckage of boats the masters had created, which exploded everything and everyone in front of him. When the owl's change to villainy was complete, she challenged Oogway for right as future master of the Jade Palace. Shocked, Shifu argued that Po's arrival was all an accident, but Oogway replied, "There are no accidents. Shifu and others battling Lord Shen's fleet. But when the scroll turned out to be blank, both Shifu and Po were confused, and Shifu did not see how Po could defeat the snow leopard on his own. This led to an argument with Po, who reminded him that he was trying to get rid of him since he arrived. 20. [15] Furthermore, when he assigned Po to host, cook for, and basically direct the preparation for the refined Winter Feast, he exhibited great pride in him when the task was done. He is mostly white with light red/orange markings, whereas red pandas are typically mostly colored a dark red or orange, with a few white markings and lighter rings on the tail. Hey Guys. Red Panda Style of kung fu, various other styles (presumably) The Jade Palace in the Valley of Peace The hall appeared impressive, but it still improved only Shifu's training in combat. Even when Shifu broke down, admitted his mistakes and apologized for them, Tai Lung still demanded the scroll and would've killed him for it if Po hadn't arrived in time. Achat immédiat. His age was ultimately reduced a bit to allow the character more activity. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Heroes who aren't revealed to be good at first, Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends, https://dreamworks.fandom.com/wiki/Shifu?oldid=129243. You can help by, Shifu's name is the English approximation of the Chinese word for "master" (. Kung fu master / instructorSenior master of the Jade Palace Inspire a love of reading with Prime Book Box for Kids Po was amazed by this technique, and Shifu stated how inner peace allowed one to do the seemingly-impossible.  •  The Furious Five •  The Dragon Warrior Po •  Mei Ling (ex-girlfriend) He would stay behind and hold off Tai Lung long enough to make sure that everyone would be safe, even though he knew that the price would cost him his life. Apr 8, 2016 - Explore Megan Starling's board "Master Shifu", followed by 228 people on Pinterest. His distant attitude upset Tigress, who constantly craved his approval and drove herself to earn it by bettering herself in Kung Fu and becoming a strong and dedicated pupil. Elle est considérée comme 1 citation courte. Te amaba demasiado como para darme cuenta en qué te convertías. Master Shifu announces that he will be teaching his final class, and Po will take over training after this. At Oogway's suggestion, he took a vow of silence that eventually improved his skills within a week and helped him develop the Silken Moon Touch, a new mystical move that would later make him famous, demonstrating in front of an amazed Shifu and their master. 6 . The stress soon became too much for Shifu and he removed his master's robe, preparing to quit kung fu and return to his old life. He believed that his master was about to point to Tigress and felt infuriated that a "flabby giant panda" who appeared seemingly by accident was chosen over his own foster daughter. The news instantly set them in an uproar, making Tigress and the other Five leave the palace to try and stop Tai Lung on their own while Shifu attempted to stop a panicking Po from leaving. When the time came many years later, Shifu presented his prize pupil to Oogway for judgment. He was determined that he would prove that Po wasn't the true Dragon Warrior by testing him; if the panda bowed under the stress and left by the next morning, it would only prove it. In general, Shifu was dedicated to his master and rarely argued with his wisdom, no matter how eccentric it might have seemed to him. After Po defeated Shen, he congratulated Po on finding inner peace "at such a young age", which he added sourly. He continued by explaining how inner peace could be achieved through various ways.

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