Portal for the management of human resources in the Banking field

M.IT takes part in an ambitious project to build a portal for the management of human resources in the field of Banking, analyzing all the needs within HR a Banking reality of leading domestic level. optimizing and thus creating a process that starts from the assumption of a candidate, which follows the whole process within the banking organization, defines professional growth through training.

By managing and organizing training rooms, meeting in courses and approval procedures training at external organizations. The whole product was made Java Technology, Services REST and using innovative framework as a bootstrap for the front-end component. A project that took more than 1,500 man-days for its implementation.

Within this project were also implemented continuoius integration solutions with Hudson automation testing with Selenium. Everything with extreme attention to the quality of the developed code through innovative tools such as Sonar that allow the monitoring of the quality of the code generated in the development area.

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