Services Management and Control

M.IT in 2014 becomes part of a development team for a large group offering practical and innovative solutions in the Interbank Corporate Banking . The activity developed by MIT is strongly focused towards the electronic document management services and management control. We follow the Development and architecture design for the electronic storage of documents.

These procedures permit, as required by law, the equate paper documents with electronic ones ensuring, over time, the legal validity. The developed application follow give the requirements dictated by the CNIPA deliberation February 19, 2004 n. 11 (Official Gazette of March 9, 2004 n.57) and the UNI 11386: 2010 Interop Support the Preservation and Recovery of Digital Objects (sync).

We develop software and integration with systems to enable the Billing from the Public Administration as provided by 2008 Budget which established that the invoice in respect of government departments should < strong> only be made in electronic form (Article 21, paragraph 1, of Presidential Decree 633/7).

The technical specifications follow the directives of the version 1.2 of the interchange system through web-service channel (SDICoop service).

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