Test team

By the end of 2009 M.IT Services supports its main clients in the development of a software testing team. The software testing is a process used to verify if a software meets the initial specifications and detect any errors and to develop the appropriate corrections.

This process implemented with a banking institution of national importance has enabled create a standard throughout the process of gathering requirements, functional analysis, implementation of test cases, verification of compliance with the expectations of business, creation of software, verification of its compliance with the execution of the test case previously defined and making corrective if developed what she does not comply with the requirements of business.

This process was based on a innovative methodology that is not based on standards in development environments defined waterfalls but with a mathematical model called V-Model .

The V-model or Model V is a process for the realization of software and is a extension of the cascade Model . The model instead of descending in a straight line, after the programming phase dates with a typical shape of a V. The model shows the relationship between each stage of the life cycle of software development and its testing phase (software Testing).

The V-model produces a well-structured method, in which each phase is implemented by the detailed documentation of the previous phase. The testing, such as testing of the project phase, starting at the beginning of the project before encoding, and this saves a large project time.

The ultimate aim is to reduce the risk of commissioning of applications not operating properly and not meeting the expectations of the business. All the process allows to reduce software development costs and shorten time-to-market.

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