The making of M.IT Services

M.IT Services was founded in 2009 on the experience gained in 15 years of IT management of companies the likes of Calvin Klein and Air Products (best known in Italy as Air Products).

It was born as a sole proprietorship, to support a company in IT in the implementation of an intranet with a banking institution of national importance. Intranet built on technology Microsoft Sharepoint 2007, where in different verticals have been designed to fulfill specific requirements of various offices of competence.

All parts of the front end was made in MS .NET, Silverlight, Ajax thus being able to make a product like Sharepoint 2007 very usable web and very user friendly.

The vertical covering made necessary as a project final accounting activities, Iter approbation of internal documentation, ticketing, purchase orders, annual MBO for sales force with promotions and lead management opportunities.

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