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A CFO ask his CEO:

“What could happen if we were to invest in the development of our people and then they would leave us?”

The CEO answers:

“What could happen if week end don’t invest and these, then, stay with us?”

Certifications paths

Nature and the world around us show that evolution and growth lead to constant improvement.

Darwin was the first to talk about the evolution of the species for a concept of survival, based on the study of past events.

Many theorists today analyze the data and transmit the concept of “action learning ” according to whose founder Reg Revans, teaches that “to survive, the proportion of learning of any organism must be equal to or more than the proportion of its environment change“, therefore” effective management of human resources is a process of individual skills identification that significantly influences the degree of success of the company on the market, in which the mission and the vision are reflected and recognized, even in the corporate culture, that is in the set of rules and values ​​recognized and adopted by each member of the group .”

That’s why M.IT and Mitlab believe in growth. Mitlab is the clearest manifestation.

Mitlab, the new business unit dedicated to innovation, wants to do it with certified and valuable people.

Today, Manuel Migliazza, one of our boys with international experiences between USA and Singapore and with over one year of studies on one of our research projects ( Actor-critic Deep-Q recurrent networks for the prediction of time sequences ), evolves and is certified to guarantee our customers higher quality standards and increasingly solid skills.

We take advantage of this article to formalize with extreme pleasure and satisfaction the support of Stefano Rocco as our technical advisor.

Stefano graduated in Computer Science at the National College of Ireland in Dublin. He then worked for over 20 years in the IT sector as both an entrepreneur and a consultant for small, medium and large multinational companies.

In his career he has lived and worked for many years abroad, mainly in Dublin, Zurich and recently in Dubai. He has gained a strong expertise in the digital world and in particular has deepened the technologies related to the world of Reactive applications, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

An international point of reference in the field of new technologies.