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Cloud Bills – Management for billing and Accounting in the Cloud

The billing system in the cloud that allows managing all your accounts in the cloud without worries. Billing due from the Public Administration and Security assured of the highest level. All at very low cost, sign up here and try it for a month and then you will see that you will be convinced.


a) Quotations, Invoices and forms Pro
Create them on the fly, or convert quotations or pro forms in bills.
Mark invoices as welded or seamless, and automatically you will see on the schedule the most upcoming deadlines and page analysis receivable / payable, loans to outstanding customers. It’s all organized by month so you have a clear picture of the trend in sales. Look at some examples of invoices generated with Bills Cloud.

b) automatically sent via e-mail
Send estimates, Proforme or e-mail invoices and as soon as the customer will open the email you will be notified of the document view through a symbol with an eye to the bill was supported. To send an e-mail invoice enough really less than 15 seconds: change the text of the email, and our system will automatically send to the recipient.

c) Transport documents
You can create delivery notes directly from pro forms or invoices, by selecting which items enter and causal customizing, colli number, weight, curing of transportation, annotations and place of destination

d) of purchases Register
Enter all your expenses organized by category, using those already existing or creating new ones. You can see the month of business costs per month, and also filter by category. a document to each item and specify which values ​​deduction and deduction if other than 100% You can also attach.

e) Depreciation
Our platform is the only one that takes account of depreciation on purchases, and shows you a detailed chart on their shares year by year.

f) Schedule
At the end schedule automatic incoming and outgoing invoices not yet paid and the F24 forms to pay. You can also add custom deadlines. All upcoming deadlines will also be shown on the main page.

g) Management F24
In the handling of the F24 page you can view history already paid F24 forms, and pay those expiring.

h) Accountant
Your accountant can connect directly to your account and get real-time list of purchases and invoices, and then load the F24.

i) Customers and Suppliers
The customer contacts and suppliers is always at hand when you create an invoice or record a purchase.

j) Inventory
Load and unload directly from invoices and purchases. In-depth analysis on the stocks and the costs and average prices.

k) applications for smartphones and tablet
With the App for smartphones and tablets, check your company wherever you are.

l) enterprise performance
On Bills in Cloud there are several analytical tools, supported by charts and export to excel.

m) Full Backup
At any time, you can request a full backup of your account that will arrive by mail the following day.

n) Estimation of taxation

And really much more…