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The making of M.IT Services

M.IT Services was founded in 2009 on the experience gained in 15 years of IT management of companies the likes of Calvin Klein and Air Products (best known in Italy as Air Products). It was born as a sole proprietorship, to support a company in IT in the implementation of an intranet with a banking…

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Test team

By the end of 2009 M.IT Services supports its main clients in the development of a software testing team. The software testing is a process used to verify if a software meets the initial specifications and detect any errors and to develop the appropriate corrections. This process implemented with a banking institution of national importance…

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M.IT Services has become DELL Partner

In 2010, M.IT became DELL partner in the implementation of enterprise structures. M.IT followed the realization of complex computer room. With the experience and knowledge of Major player on M.IT Services hardware market itself as dealer Hardware, this activity, initially linked to the design needs of its customers, now covering all needs harware and software…

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M.IT Services creates MITBookingSport

In 2013 M.IT Services creates MITBookingSport for the management of sports centers, opening in fact a BU for leisure management. MITBookingSport is the solution for online bookings and for the management of a sports center: the spread of popular web technologies cancels the waiting time, it satisfies the user and relieves the operator from the…

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