First international installation for MIT – part 1

Two weeks ago we went to Jersey City, the dynamic capital city of the State of New Jersey located on the west bank of the Hudson River just in front of the city of New York and part of the metropolitan area of ​​the latter.

The goal of this trip was the


In recent years, the city has been experiencing a real economic boom in the face of the continuous migration of an ever increasing number of people from the nearby and chaotic New York metropolis, thus proving fertile ground for the movement of famous multinationals and the growing number of innovative startups.

Mit went to this land full of opportunities for what was the first overseas installation of our machine learning algorithm for automated trading.

The successful installation at a private customer. The adventure brought one of our technicians for 4 days over the ocean.

We tell you a little how the days went

Day 1-2: Meeting with the client, setup of the trading station, installation of the software, start-up and testing of services and primary functions.

Day 3: Start up of the trading system and subsequent test on the demo platform of the latency of order execution with the brokerage platform.

Day 4: Start up on real account with subsequent training and training of the client to use the functionality of the trading system.

In the coming weeks we will give you more details about the technology, the technical characteristics and operation of this system.

Stay tuned!