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MIT Promotion – Management Software Corporate Marketing

MITPromotion is the solution to gather all the info you want in marketing, being able to carry out targeted campaigns with the aim of doing market studies, with the ‘ aims to increase sales and can resell at a solution only today of its kind, designed to provide marketing a new way of valuable information retrieval on consumer preferences and interests and at the same time get them involved with growing interest in promotions.

Today, one of the issues that affects most companies is how to do Promotion .
The collection of information, trends and opinions.
How to have information on buyers.
How have the preferences of buyers.
How They use the products.
What would like to buyers.

All times:
Increase Sales products;
generation A new leads;
– ability to create strategies for cross-selling and up ;
collect valuable information , type of consumption and consumer preferences with their identification data, for subsequent targeted proposals.
All information increasingly difficult to find.

There are many ways, but never any direct practical and easy:
Buying groups. Difficult management, predefined products and feedback related only to the product.
Collect points or extractions.
interface Obligations with the public administration , you know the power consumption but do not have precise answers.
Offers thresholds. often distorted their dall’incentivo purchase of a type of product at a lower price.
The market research. Functional but expensive!

Today MIT Services offers a solution that directly, easy and practical allows you to:
& ndash; collect all the information you want;
increase sales
– have the market research can resell .
With a solution today only of its kind, designed to provide Marketing a new way to recover valuable information on consumer preferences and interests and at the same time get them involved with growing interest in promotions.

How does Mit Promotions works

The customer never gives anything but warns promotion on your website or on the MITPromotion site (not visible to the end consumer), products / services including third party to a predetermined initial price.
The Customer agrees with MIT all questions to be displayed on the site and the possible variables depending on the answers given, to which participants will have to answer to get a discount that lowers proportionally the initial price of the products / services.

More answers are given by the participant to the proposed questions, more discount is accumulated in your piggy bank. The reduction of the initial price of the offers made in the promotion, contributing at the same time all the campaign participants and then everyone also benefits the overall discount accumulated thanks to the answers given by other participants.

The minimum purchase price reached under which you will not go down, for products / services made in promotion, is established in the definition phase of the campaign after that, it can only be purchased.

At any time a participant may purchase products / services made in promoting clinching the purchase cost reached at that time and immediately new products / services will be available to continue the campaign. The new initial price for each of the participants, starts by removing the initial price their accumulated savings and loaded in your piggy bank.

The advantage:
– The main advantage for the Client are that, through the questions prepared by your Marketing, acquires targeted information about preferences and Customer Satisfaction, by the people participating in the campaign and promotes simultaneously the offer of new products.

– With the information collected and aggregated each other , according to criteria set by Marketing, are generated useful analyzes to make new sales strategies .

– The advantages for participants are important, because get significant discounts by purchasing the products/services being promoted to a p rezzo far below market costs and then have encouraged to answer all questions listed in the questionnaire and spread this initiative to friends and acquaintances.

– The responses provided by the participants are monitored in real time for the entire period in which the campaign is active and, in case the case that some questions are the cause of blocking for the collection of information (because unwelcome by participants), you can take immediate action and edit applications to achieve the primary objective, to collect the maximum of the expected responses.

The main services offered include:
realization of the layout for the site to be covered by the campaign
chronological managing discounts
acquired by each participant
recording of answers to be supplied to the customer at the end of the campaign
aggregation of data collected according to the logic indicated by the client for statistics
(DB delivery with all the answers)
logistics management and shipping to entrants who bought
safe handling payments

Let’s see how works

Three simple steps to buy at the price that you want:
1. Check the offer – Check the price achieved by an article that interests you.

2. Click “Shrink” – Click the “Minimize” button as many times as you want and answer the questions.

3. Look at the price down – When you click the button on the product price drops! Until you decide to buy.