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MITPrepay – Software Email Management Web PEC, Recommended, Telegram

MIT PrePay addresses the market inherent in all corporate external communications.
Today the market of the Legal notices (PEC, Counsel, telegrams) and not (Regular mail) is managed within the company digitally but at the end of his trial must rematerialized to be sent to the final recipient (PEC excluded).

This involves significant costs for the company, as all this there are printing costs (paper, toner, printer wear…), personnel costs (hours of work to do to send and manage printing and enveloping), logistics costs (mail transport in the material produced), costs management (control material storage mailings), process approval within the company and the actual postal sending costs(bulletins, A/R recommand).

PrePay MIT addresses these issues with a flexible solution with a strong consumption control, immediacy of use possibilities ( 5 working days of signing the contract) and estimated cost reduction of:

Printing costs
Reduction of 90%
Staff costs
Reduction of 90%
logistic costs
Elimination of 100%
postal costs
Reduction of 10%

Not forgetting the full tax deductibility including postal costs as provided services.
It also makes the management of the entire communication process (outwards) monitored, under control and always available.


PrePay MIT is a all legal communications and not accessible through a Web platform.


MIT PrePay gives you the ability to configure all company PEC and to monitor them from a single platform.

Today in front of each PEC submitted if they receive two return confirming the receipt and has been read.
This in ordinary management involves many problems.
MIT PrePay instead includes arrivals and receptions reading occurred directly connected to the PEC sent via the Status Flag (received and read).

As the PEC legal communications within a structure and being MIT PrePay a manifold of all corporate PEC, there could be problems in the operational management.

MIT PrePay through the Work flow allows the management of the PEC sorting rules to internal mailboxes to the company (eg, protocol offices rather than communications from Equitalia it might be appropriate to make only receive the CEO…)


Today the world of registered letters and telegrams is complex, bureaucratic and torturous having to go through the traditional process (mailing, delivery post offices, queues at post offices, do not ease the deductibility of costs and usability of the service only at a time of opening of post offices…) taking away time and costs to businesses.

With PrePay MIT this is surpassed by using a h24 acceptance system and 7/7 no queues and no printing costs, management and enveloping for the company.

The platform allows to send digital document, which is now the production a standard of the documentation within the company.

At the management level if they have any benefits, either usability side the content you submit is to control costs, as MIT PrePay is a prepaid platform that allows precise control for cost centers of actual consumption.

Through the PrePay MIT optional services also allows the management of return receipts dealing with the dematerialization of receipts, making them accessible directly within the recommended platform connected to send.

All this thanks to a partnership agreement with the Italian Post Office that deals with the physical printing, sending and delivery of the physical material.


All the services offered by PrePay MIT can be provided through massive mailings systems. For example, as part of the company’s multi-service or as part of debt collection companies, sending all payment reminders rather than the built-newsletters can all be queued.