Operative rental

Nowadays our companies are surrounded by even more tecnological instruments and consequently with a high level of obsolescence, that is, goods that get old quickly, they lose their value quickly. Think of the computer, the simplest example, are tools that are worth as much but not for long.

Often you may purchase a technological machine to a Price that within six months or a year will be the Half of his value. We are obliged to keep it for years and asset write it off all this time with high operating costs.

And then?

And then at the end of this time we are also obliged to manage the disposal of these fine.

What is the solution to this uncomfortable situation?

We would like pay less and have a good up to date technology and cutting edge?

This is the solution that offers the Operative rental.

On a practical level, the Operative rental is an operation in medium or long term that allows you to use the equipment and computer systems in paying a fee for use. This method combines the convenience of a deferred payment over time and the ability to use instrumentation up to date, in addition to a certainty of costs over time so you can plan and focus only to their business.

Contract has a duration ranging from 18 to 60 months and offers various benefits more than one contract lease. The customer who will enjoy the Operative rental will not cure fiscal management and maintenance of the rented instruments, since are charged to the company offering the service. The fee is 100% tax deductible (also IRAP). Once expired the Contract, you can choose to prolong but with a upgrade instrumentation, remain so advanced.

Leasing doesn’t allow you to add equipment during the term of the contract that is similar to a deferred payment and, at the end of the contract, the customer redeems obsolete equipment and without the tax benefits of the Operative rental.

At the end of the rental you have the following:

  • Will replace and the equipment with a new product
  • Prolonging renting, maintaining the equipment
  • Rescue the equipment with a minimum amount
  • Making equipment

Not being a financial practice but a rental, there are no TAN and APR but only a coefficient that determines the amount of interest. In charge of the fees are included spare parts and maintenance if necessary, agreed to a contract to support and insurance for accidental damage.

Advantages of operating lease

We can therefore sum up the advantages of the operating lease in the following points:

  • Possession and use of the property, not ownership of the property
  • A monthly fee Payment for the duration of the contract
  • Ability to include support services and maintenance, insurance covers all contingencies involving ownership of assets
  • Full tax deductibility of the royalties paid during the year and the services included in the contract
  • Full deductibility IRAP
  • Ability to include software and services that are normally not accepted by
  • leasing

  • Ability to perform a early redemption of the rented material

What does M.IT

M.IT as well as offering a rental service operating throughout the provided hardware.

M.IT also offers the operating rental for web services, cloud and custom made software solutions for its customers. Everything designed for companies that need a digital space or online service who want to keep up to date and ready to meet the varied requirements.