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System Support

We provide IT support to companies that need to maintain their cutting-edge information system and productive . It can resolve the numerous situations that daily air are in networks and hardware facilities, studying custom solutions can optimize performance is at a safe level in performance of each computer system.

The goal is offering companies a single point of contact and interlocutor for the integration of the information technology systems adequate to each specific field of expertise and building a solid and lasting relationship centered on quality of support and maintenance services by offering a full package of services: from counseling to the implementation of existing software and hardware facilities, the training the support staff continues… all to make your business as profitable as possible.

The infrastructure and services provided by it have become a primary resource important within companies, especially since by Information Technology depend in large part the level and product quality and the services on the market by the companies.

The infrastructure consists of a part that supplies and provides service, information systems, and a part that uses the services provided, employees. They are always more company resources absorbed by infrastructure and a lot of company operations it depends on their availability and efficiency. From the availability and efficiency of the structure depends on the cost of the same and the satisfaction of those who use the services and products.

MIT offers its customers system support for issues concerning the hardware (technical assistance) and the software system installed on hardware platforms with Microsoft operating systems.

The form of service delivery is as follows:
at the customer site with the calculation of the Cost Zone ;
At the customer premises with the calculation of climbing unit carried by an upstream hours previously purchased ;
Remotely intervention in Teleservice always scaled by a number of hours previously purchased.

MIT also offers a solution supplied remote assistance that provides immediate intervention and protects against intrusion, thanks to connections made through secure connections. For each assistance and / or support provided remotely, is issued a report on the type of intervention carried out.

We also offer a advanced server monitoring service unattended through its application.

We design LAN and WAN networks. By building on established skills of its staff, it is able to propose and implement the best achievements for the information systems of its customers. The solutions ensure reliability, security and scalability , in compliance with budget requirements.

M.IT assists clients at all stages necessary computerization of workflow:
– Designs and implements the physical network infrastructure (structured cabling, connections);
– Provides active and passive network equipment (routers, switches);
– Implements the logical network infrastructure (IP addressing, segmentation of multiple networks, routing, etc .;
– Design services necessary to the better functioning of the workflow: document management, messaging and data exchange, security and protection systems, etc.
– Provides hardware as indicated, or adjust the existing one;
– Install and configure the systems on time and logistical needs of the customer;
– tests and verifies the correct operation of the whole system;
– Provides over time the efficiency and effectiveness of the systems installed.

As DELL partners and having a wide experience in the field of hardware we can provide all the hardware needed at the enterprise level.