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Prioritized Experience Replay

Research project: Reinforcement Learning Actor-Critic Deep-Q Recurrent Networks for timeseries prediction How to achieve better performance and faster training using Prioritized Experience Replay? From DeepMind original paper: Prioritized Experience Replay Experience replay lets our reinforcement learning agent collect, remember and reuse experiences from the past. These experience transitions were usually uniformly sampled from a replay…

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A CFO ask his CEO: “What could happen if we were to invest in the development of our people and then they would leave us?” The CEO answers: “What could happen if week end don’t invest and these, then, stay with us?” Certifications paths Nature and the world around us show that evolution and growth…

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Reinforcement learning

Our research project in the field of Reinforcement learning: Actor-critic Deep-Q recurrent networks for temporal sequencing Project description: Starting from developing new techniques of time series analysis, through the use of virtual environments for the training of model-free agents, we want to generate an actor/critic agent (Barto et al.1988) that optimizes and surpasses the performances…

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