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Wearable and IoT Gadget are increasing in the medical world

Within the medical scope, the ‘ use of wearable gadgets and IoT systems is increasingly popular.

search for technological solutions increasingly in line with the needs – on one hand – patients and – on the other – the health personnel will result in a steadily increasing need IoT platforms and wearable gadgets . In this connection, the Frost & Sullivan analyst realizzanto a study devoted to this particular market that will mark very interesting performance.

According to the analysis, in fact, if in the course of 2015 the sales of IoT solutions and wearable devices in the medical sector have exceeded 5 billion dollars (to be precise, 5 billion and 100 million), 2020 , the predictions come to indicate that revenues for companies active in this sector will benefit from a market that will be worth almost $ 19 billion , with almost a quadrupling of the total value.

Specifically, Frost & Sullivan indicates that the rate of compound annual growth of wearable gadgets used to monitor the status of patients’ health will record a value of 27.8% , while, with regard to the sales performance of wearable devices for medical or clinical, the growth rate (CAGR) will be equal to 32.9% .

To be able to make inroads back in a very different market from the consumer, where wearable with fitness functions manage to gain the user, according to the analyst, the so-called wearable gadgets for the medical sector will have to demonstrate ensure high accuracy in the collection of information and will allow greater flexibility in the daily work , with an optimal data sharing.

In conclusion, if until now the sale of some devices and some IoT platforms has not achieved satisfactory results – according to Frost & Sullivan – the reason is to be found mainly in the complexity of these products, which require an approach perhaps too engineering – on the part of health personnel – so unintuitive .